1. This is a bow and arrow hunter. The Inuits made a variety of bows. A bow is made from : wood, sealskin, braided sinew (a stringy-meat from the animal used for the string) and bone. They used the bow and and and and and and arrow for killing these animals: seals, walrus and polar bears, wolves, other natives, caribou, black and brown bears, The point of the arrow was made out of bone sometimes stone. The stone points were big because it's heavier. Tone point is the bone point is lighter and will go wobbly and not as straight. It takes 3-4 large antlers backed with wood, to make a bow.
external image 17-HBCS-104-bow3.jpg
m Yexternal image hunt_bowarrow.jpgThe Inuit hunt caribou and use the scraped hide to make the quiver (the thing on their back that holds the arrows).
by; Ethan .K