Monday March 7,2011.
Good morning I trust you had a Great weekend! I did! Hope you will tell me some of the things you did this weekend. Mrs T

I played with my new puppy. My brother and I feed the fish .Our family went to the movi theter to watch Tagled. My grandma came to my house.
From Kailyn.

Monday March 7, 2011
I played with my toys. I watched my daddy play games and I ate popcorn. Jaenette

I played in the snow. I played on the trampoline. I played with my dog. I feed I him to. I love him to. Megan

On Saturday I went to Donna and Steven Lang’s house. I stayed up tell twelve o’clock on Saturday night. Then on Sunday I went to Public Speaking. After I got to work the booth with my mom and dad.

This weekend I played with Berry. Dan came home to he drove a big black truck he says it is Pauls .Dan says if I clean my room he will get me a video game it is called Sonic colours .Trytin

My weekend I went to my grandma. Victoria

On Saturday I went to my cousin’s house. She lives in Daysland. My cousins name is Taigen. She is nine years old. We played outside in the snow without ski pants. On Sunday I went behind the Red Neck on a sled.

On the weekend it was patchy brday Elizbath caim oaver to my hose we crowned patchy ciing we took picher’s uv him he lave it and I maid. Larissa

I went to Larissas house last night after church . Elizabeth

Friday: someone broke our fort so we re-built it. I shoveled the patio today too ! ;) Ethan Kroetch !!!!!

I went on Raz kids and I finished level J and the first story on level K. Yipee !!!!!!

Saturday: Today I helped my Dad collect 50/50's for the bamtom girls' tournament. I was the yeller.

By: Ethan K
Sunday: Today my mom forced me to go to church. Then we went skidooing with Elise

Monday: Today someone broke our fort again so we re-re-built it.

I am going to Elise
Tuesday: I went to Elise's dance and went back to her house and played Wii because Mom was at parent-teacher interviews and my sister's were at hockey. Right now Mr. Robbins is cleaning snow off our driveway with his quad. Hockey rocks!!!!

Thursday March 31. I am having a great day but sure miss my students. I loved reading what some of you have been doing. I see Ethan K is remembering to sign his messages and I am glad. It is more fun when I know who is putting the message here. I am going out for supper tonight and I am already hungery. I sure hope I can wait til supper. Mr.t.

Hello thank you for the information on the inuit helps me on my social studies project. Thanks mrs.T